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At Home Health offers a broad range of home therapy and home health services to meet the broad needs of our clients.

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Skilled Nursing
Licensed professionals available to provide various health care services in home or residential living settings.
Physical Therapy
Assistance with various physical disorders to help a person improve the use of bones, muscles, joints, and nerves through the use of massage, exercise, stretching, water, light, heat, and certain forms of electricity, all of which are mechanical rather than medical in nature.
Occupational Therapy
Development of an individual’s fine motor skills that aid in daily living, with a focus on sensory issues, coordination of movement, balance, and on self-help skills such as dressing, eating with a fork and spoon, grooming, etc.
Speech Therapy
Speech evaluation, tongue exercises, speech drills, and use of audio and visual machines to help restore a person's ability to speak and understand language.
Social Services
Provided at the recommendation of a physician for the purpose of assisting the covered person or the family in dealing with a specific medical condition.
Home Health Aides
Home care aides help elderly, disabled, and ill persons live in their own homes or in residential care facilities instead of in a health facility. Most work with elderly or disabled clients who need more extensive care than family or friends can provide.
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